Milestones in our development

SHAPA has been the UK's leading specialist Association for the solids handling and processing industry since its formation in 1981.

SHAPA : Milestones in our development


110 members
10th Digital marketing Seminar
An Introduction into Bulk Handling Training Workshop
Finance Training Worshop
Steve Hill Awarded the Significant Achievement award
AGM held on the SS Great Britan in Bristol


110 members
9th Digital marketing Seminar
Atex Training Workshop
Finance Training Worshop
SHAPA Sponsers its first Arkwirght Student
AGM held at the Museum of Science and Industry Manchester


110 members
8th Digital marketing Seminar
Finance Training Worshop
Negotiation Training Workshop
Gus Bishop Awarded the lifetime achievement award
AGM held at the National Space Centre


110 members
Launch of the Solids Handling Industry Awards
7th Digital marketing Seminar
Mike Bradley Elected Chairman
Steven Brown Elected Vice Chairman
Mike Slack Awarded the lifetime achievment award
Agm held at the National Brewery Museum


110 members
Ian Birkinshaw  taken over as the new General Secretary
6th Digital marketing Seminar
Young Engineers workshop at Hetitage Motor Museum
AGM Held at Manchester City FootBall Stadium


Annual subscription still £395
108 members
5th Digital marketing Seminar
John Whitehead retires after 12 years as General Secretary
Peter Guttridge elected chairman
Ian Blackmore awared inaugral Lifetime Achievement Award
David Green takes over as General Secretary


Annual Subscription held at £395
106 Members
AGM held at The National Railway Museum in York
2nd Knowledge Conference held in Loughborough
2nd Digital Marketing Seminar
Machinery Directive Workshop
3rd Members' Race Day held at Newmarket
1st Members' Golf Day
Supported 5 HSE LEV Guidance Road-shows
Exhibited at IMHX show
Technical Papers 16 & 17 issued


Annual Subscription held at £395
109 Members
Eddie Spires re-elected for 2nd term as chairman
AGM held at The Black Country Museum
Knowledge Conference held in Loughborough
Participated in HSE LEV Guidance pilot Road-shows
First Digital Marketing Workshop
2nd Members Race Day held at Newmarket
Technical Papers 14 & 15 issued


Annual Subscription held at £395
105 Members
AGM held at RAF Museum Cosford
New Export Forum formed
Exhibited at Powtech in Nurnberg
Exhibited at easyFairs Solids show at NEC
'Engineering the Future' members seminar held
Contributed to HSE discussions on LEV Guidance
Commissioned first Membership Survey
Commissioned End User Investment Survey
1st Members Race Day held at Leicester
Technical Paper 13 issued


25th Anniversary Year
Members Celebration Lunch - Thursday 19th April
98 Members
First increase in Annual Subscription (to £395) for 9 years
Presentation Skills Seminar - Wednesday 21st March
Allan Wilkie retires
Eddie Spires elected Chairman
Technical Paper 12 issued


Annual Subscription held at £375 for 9th Year
96 Members
Established new Associate Membership groups for Media Companies
New SHAPA Website launched
Produced our ATEX Guidance Document in co-operation with HSE
Exhibited at Powder and Solids Exhibition in Chicago
Exhibited at easyFairs Solids Show in Coventry
Organised the Learn Shop programme at the Solids Show
Commissioned 2nd UK Market Survey for our members
Produced SHAPA Membership Profile


Annual Subscription held at £375 for 8th year
Allan Wilkie re-elected for 3rd term as Chairman
88 Members
Established ISHAB (International Solids Handling Advisory Board) with MHEA (Materials Handling Engineers Association)
Exhibited at Easyfairs Solids Show in Bolton and contributed speakers for their Learn Shops
Technical paper No. 11 issued


Annual Subscription held at £375 for 7th year
88 Members
Established Solidex Knowledge Conference with Turret RAI and contributed all speakers from within our membership
Commissioned 1st UK Market Survey for our members
Co-sponsored & Exhibited at Chicago Powder Show and Total Show at NEC
Technical papers No. 9 & 10 issued


Annual Subscription held at £375 for 6th year
Allan Wilkie re-elected for 2nd term as Chairman
86 Members
Joined Trade Association Forum
Established profile of membership through survey of members
Second seminar on ATEX Regulations held
Started Quarterly Members Market Survey
Co-sponsored PPMA Show and provided 4 speakers for accompanying seminars
Technical papers No. 6, 7 & 10 issued
Launch of new SHAPA website


Annual Subscription held at £375 for 5th year
Members vote on 'Action Plan'
Actions taken to promote member companies Sponsorship of Chicago 'Powder' show and PPMA show at NEC
SHAPA news in regular page in 'Solids and Bulk Handling'
Technical paper No.5 issued
Second SHAPA seminar, topic ATEX Regulations
Business Support Helpline provided for members


Allan Wilkie appointed as Chairman
Annual subscription £375
102 members
Exhibited at Eurochem and PPMA shows
Technical papers No.s 2,3 and 4 issued
First SHAPA Seminar held, topic - Noise
Active promotion of website as the 'Industry Guide to Solids Handling and Process Equipment'
General Secretary Robin Huggett retires
John Whitehead appointed new General Secretary


Annual Subscription £375
Technical Manual distributed to members with paper "Surface Finishes"
Participation in New PPMA Processing/Packaging Exhibition at NEC
97 members


92 members
SHAPA Newsletter produced on quarterly basis


Annual Subscription £375
88 members
SHAPA represented on I Mech E Bulk Handling Handling Committee
Sponsorship of I Mech E seminars and Conference


77 members
SHAPA Newsletter started on 6 monthly basis
Regular attendance at DTI Sector meetings for Trade Associations
Sponsorship of Powder and Bulk Solids Exhib, Chicago


Annual Subscription £360
65 members
First SHAPA annual Supplement
Lichfield selected for all principal association meetings
First 3 University Associate members
Participation in ACTIVE through Equip., Suppliers and Contractors Committee
Auditors Tilbury Young appointed


Administration by T A Services replaced Zephyr Services (Robin Huggett)
Technical and Marketing Committees re-launched
quarterly meetings Annual Subscription £350
47 members
Guest Speakers invited to General meetings on a regular basis


Introduction of Associate and Honorary membership
SHAPE Award at Solidex
29 members
Annual Subscription £336


Initial setting up of Technical and Marketing Committees
33 members


Annual subscription £326
First SHAPE Award presented
32 members


SHAPE Award introduced to encourage design and innovation


Seminar to promote SHAPA held at Nottingham University


26 members


Annual Subscription £275, joining fee discontinued


SHAPA Binder produced incorporating members product leaflets


27 members


Annual Subscription £175
Member's Product Guide produced


Date of Incorporation 30/04/82
30 members
Auditors Warley and Warley appointed
Annual Subscription held at £150
Decision to support Solidex Exhibition


Foundation meeting at Coventry 19/02/81
Membership fees — Joining £50 and Annual £150
Initially 7 member companies increasing to 28
T A Services contracted to administer SHAPA

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Read about Georgina's Blog   Georgina's Blog


Dust extraction systems

Wherever solid particulates are handled, processed, stored or are created, as a bi product of a process such as machining or finishing, dust is usually generated.
This dust needs to be controlled to prevent risks to health and environmental damage...

The New Shapa Supplement Now Available

Always in Control

Industry 4.0 is reported to be the next major revolution in industrialisation. The main focus is to take all the individual processes and systems that are used in manufacturing to manage and control production, and import them into a cloud-based system This allows the workflow, product changes and the management of each and every individual machine or a series of machines can be controlled remotely...

Sucess for Georgina

Georgina Edwards, SHAPAs Arkwright Scholar has sucessfully passed her A levels with flying colours and is now bound for Loughborough University to continue on with her studies. We wish her well in the future and pass on our congratulations and best wishes.

Shapa and Santander Trade Mission

Shapa has been working with Santander to help organise a World Food India 19 trade mission to take place on the 1- 4th November 2019, for more information please download the flyer here 

Materials in Motion

Most products at some stage of their life during production or manufacture, utilise materials in powder or granulated form. This is where the challenge can be for the designers of equipment and processes to move these types of materials from place to place, horizontally, vertically or somewhere in between. The conveyor or elevator designer must consider a multitude of parameters, probably more than twenty in their pursuit of the most effective solution....

SHAPA Announces the winners of the 2019 Solids Handling Industry Awards

Open and Shut Case

There are many types of valves used within the bulk handling industry for controlling, conditioning or diverting the flow of powders or liquids. There are three main types of valves, these being shut off, diverter and rotary valves.

Solids Handling Awards - Shortlist

2019 has once again been an excellent year for the Solids Handling industry with many successes in all areas of solids and material handling, these successes have produced a strong shortlist for each of this years award categories. This year the award categories are, Solids Handling Export Award, Solids Handling Innovation Award, Solids Handling Newcomer Award and Solids Handling Company of the year award. The shortlisted nominations for each award category are:-

Solids Handling Industry Awards Dinner

Bookings are now being taken for the 2019 Solids Handling Industry Awards evening. This year the awards are being held at the Royal Armouries in Leeds on the evening of the 8th May. Once again one delegate from each member company can attend the AGM and dinner free of charge, with additional delegates paying a nominal fee to cover the evening meal.   These awards are going from strength and this years nominations have been among the best that we have received. After the award presentations we will be entertained by local comedian Brian Newbold who comes highly recommended. There are still places available for this chance to celebrate the best in our industry and network with your friends and colleagues. Once again the dinner is open to members, their spouses, partners, customers and suppliers. So don’t miss out on this great opportunity just complete the booking form to guarantee your place   Please follow the link to download the AGM and Awards dinner booking form

Shapa Celebrates International Women's Day

SHAPA is proud to be involved with International Women’s Day on the 8th March to celebrate and promote successes in the world of Solids Handling and Processing. International Women’s Day provides a spotlight to showcase the commitment to women's equality, launch new initiatives and action, celebrate women's achievements, raise awareness, highlight gender parity gains and more.

See the Full story here

Magnetic Attraction

Most common manufacturing applications have a requirement for the use of Industrial metal detection systems for the inspection of bulk powders, granular or free flowing products. This is common place within the majority of most Food, Pharmaceutical and O.E.M applications where metal detection systems are used as part of a quality control programme.

Getting the Mix Right

The terminology ‘mixing’ and ‘blending’ is often grouped together as the same process, technically they are slightly different. The process of blending is the homogenous distribution of differing materials and is usually a relatively gentle process. Whereas mixing is usually a more aggressive process involving the combining of materials through the beating or stirring of the contents within a static vessel...

Safety of Machinery and CE Marking for Machinery workshop details launched

SHAPA are holding the workshop to give designers of machinery the knowledge and tools to design safe machinery in accordance with current Machinery and associated directives. it will also include a section on any implications as a result of the brexit agreements...

11th Digital Marketing workshop details launched

Shapa are holding the 11 th Digital Marketing Workshop, this highly successful event helps keep pace with the latest developments in Digital marketing. The event is exclusively for member companies and covers, whats new in Digital Marketing, Google analytics, Online advertising, and your Digital Marketing Toolbox to name but a few of the areas to be covered...

16th Jan 2019 Shapa General Meeting - Agenda

Agenda for the SHAPA General Meeting- Wednesday 16th January 2019 at 10:00 am

The George Hotel
WS13 6PR

1. Apologies for Absence
2. Minutes and Matters Arising
3. General Secretary’s and Membership Report
4. Chairman’s Report
5. Technical Committee Report
6. Marketing Committee Report

7. Coffee

8. Presentations

    Imagineering – A New project
    Bob Shanks - Imagineering Foundation

    Maximising your innovations
    Tony Cassidy- The MPA Group

9.   AOB – and dates of next Meetings
10. Buffet lunch

Merry Christmas

Christmas SHAPA

2019 Solids Handling Industry Awards are now open for nominations

Solids Handling Awards 2019

The Solids Handling & Processing Association (SHAPA) are delighted to announce that the annual Solids Handling Awards to promote success and achievement across our collective industries, that are open to all companies registered in UK, whether SHAPA members or not, who are directly involved in the solids handling and processing industry...

2019 Solids Handling Industry Awards open on the 1st December 2018

The 2019 Solids handling Industry awards are oepn form the 1st December 2018, the Catagories are Innovation, Export, Newcomer and Company of the Year. This year the Awards Ceremony will be held at the Royal Armories in leeds on the 8th May 2019. Don't miss out on these prestigious awards download the application form today.Tthe closing date for entries is the 28th Feburary 2019. 


As this year’s exhibition season is now ending it is very heartening to see that despite competition from other media, internet and so on, the physical exhibition remains an important marketing tool. Three of the exhibitions held this autumn, Recycled Waste Management (RWM), PPMA and BULKEX18 for Bulk Handling equipment providers and processors demonstrated the wide reach of our remit, from raw material production, via processing and manufacture, packaging and distribution through to final recycling and waste disposal...

Digital Marketing Workshop 2019

The date for the next Digital Marketing workshop has been announced as the 26th March 2019 at the East Midlands Hilton Hotel more details to follow.

Shapa General Meeting 24th October George Hotel Lichfield

IIntroduction to Bulk Handling Workshop

Shapa is running a new Introduction to Bulk Handling Workshop to be held at Nestle in york on the 4th December 2018. This workshop is specifically designed to take some of the mystique out of solids and bulk handling...The course which
is aimed at those who have just joined the bulk handling community and those who already work in the bulk handling industry in sales, marketing, accounts and operations etc. who feel that they need a deeper understanding of how
their products and services fit into the wider environment....

Better by Design

It is well known that an elegant design that works reliably is devoid of baulking obstructions and ambiguities and is simple to understand and operate. It is, of necessity, the result of ingenuity, experience, good applied science and engineering....

Safe to Breathe

For more than a century there have been efforts to improve air quality in the working environment, both in enclosed factories and other industrial areas. Even with scant knowledge of respiratory diseases it had been clear that people were more productive in a cleaner and better environment....


SHAPA announces the award catagories for 2019

The catagories for the 2019 Solids Handling Industry Awards have been Finalised, these are, Innovation, Export, Newcomer and Company of the Year. The presentation of the awards will be on the 30th April 2019. A venue will be announced shortly 


Hoppers, Silos and Storage Solutions

It used to be that all you needed to store your materials was a large area where your product could be piled high on top of its self out in the open air. As time has moved forward the need for more sophisticated storage solutions are required in order to safely store the ever-increasing range of bulk solid materials with their differing properties .....

SHAPA July General Meeting

The next SHAPA General meeting is on the 4th July at the George Hotel Lichfield download the agenda here


And the Winners of the 2018 Solids Handling Awards are:

Shapa's Arkwright Student posts her latest Blog

What an incredible experience competing at the National Finals of the F1 in Schools competition. Throughout 2 days of intense competition and jam packed action, Ginetta Racing Edu earnt the ‘Team Sponsorship and Marketing’ award, as well as being nominated for the ‘Pit Display’ and ‘Innovation’ awards, and having the second fastest car! Read the full article here

Promoting Success

Since time immemorial progress has been driven by innovation and invention and the desire to continually improve and better ones self. The desire to learn, improve and push at boundaries is an integral part of our nature. Whilst innovation in solids handling and processing seldom hits the headlines, it nonetheless drives the machinery of progress across an enormous range of industries.....


Shapa Announces the 2018 Solids Handling Shortlisted finalists

2018 has been an excellent year for the Solids Handling industry with many successes in all areas of Solids Handling, these successes have produced a strong shortlist for each of the award categories. this year the sortlisted entrys are ....

10th Anniversary Digital Marketing Workshop

Details of the 10th annual digital marketing workshop have been released,download the flyer for the event here and a booking form to make sure you do not miss out on this vital workshop which will give you the tools to improve your digital marketing profile

Health of the Nation

The need for solid health and safety systems procedures and practices is more important than ever as we move out of the European and customs union into World Trade Organisation rules for the global market read more here....

Only three weeks left to enter the 2018 Solids Handling industry awards - dont miss out

Learning to succeed

Many companies are founded on the back of an innovative idea by forward thinking people skilled in design, engineering, project management, marketing or other discipline. Whilst still small, the skills required to operate all aspects may possibly be gained by the founder. In former, less complicated times this may have been true as the firm expanded, but the pace of change of technology, standards and legislation as well as in marketing and particularly in financial accounting necessitates constant learning and improvement. The huge range of applications and processes served by our industry just adds to this challenge.....

Shapa's Arkwright Student posts her second Blog

Reaching the end of a very busy Christmas term, we have lots to look back on, such as assisting backstage with the school play and Christmas concert, as well as designing and manufacturing the F1 in Schools Car....

SHAPA January Meeting

The next General meeting will be held on the 24th January at the George Hotel in Lichfield starting at 10:00
Find out about OEE and GDPR, along with all the usual networking oppertunities.
for more details email Ian at and download the agenda

Applications are invited for the 2018 Solids Handling Industry awards

Shapa has launched the 2018 Solids Handling Industry awards, these awards are now open to all UK registered member and non member companies and institutions operating in the Solids Handling and Processing Industry. Application forms will be  available direct from the website from 01/12/2017 and winners will be announced and presented at the awards ceremony in the evening of 17th April 2018 more information is available in the link

2018 Solids Handling Industry Awards

Details of the award catagories and award launch date have been announced, for further information follow the link

Solids Dortmund 2018

Details have been released regarding the international Solids Handling show to be held in Dortmund on the 7th and 8th November 2018, for more information please follow the  link

CHoPS 2018

**Abstracts deadline extended to 22-12-17 ** for more information follow the link

Financial Awarness Training

This course has been especially designed for Shapa members and will include content specifically related to our industry

Who should attend ?
Anyone involved in driving their business forward e.g Managing Directors, Directors/Managers & Account Managers etc , whatever their level of financial knowledge. The workshop is designed to enable everyone to take away practical tips and strategic insight suitable to their skills and experience, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. So join us for and inspiring and enjoyable day out.

Download the detailedinformation and a booking form,today

If you can return these back to  as soon as possible so I can make the necessary arrangements and  if you feel that this course would help with someone in your close supply chain please feel free to include them.