Material Handling Equipment

SHAPA has been the UK's leading specialist Association for the solids handling and processing industry since its formation in 1981. Our support and assistance has allowed our members to maximise their profitability, whilst taking advantage of the many benefits afforded by the Association.

Material Handling Equipment

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Consultancy, training, testing and troubleshooting

Acoustics and noise
ATEX / DSEAR, explosion and fire
Equipment design and assessment
Expert witness services
Design Services & Testing
Materials characterisation
Feasibility studies
Bulk materials handling
Hopper feed and discharge
Mechanical conveying problems
Particle attrition and plant wear
Pneumatic conveying problems
Segregation and caking
System performance problems


Hazardous Materials

Conveyors and elevators

Air slides
Air slides
Belt conveyors
Belt conveyors
Air cushion conveyors
Bucket elevators and conveyors
Bucket elevators
Bucket conveyor-elevators
Mechanical conveyors
Aero mechanical conveyors
Centreless screw conveyors
Chain conveyors
En-masse conveyor-elevators
Flexible screw conveyors
Screw conveyors
Tubular chain conveyors
Vibrating conveyors
Vibrating conveyors
Pneumatic conveyors
Dense Phase conveying
Pneumatic conveyors
Vacuum conveyors
Vacuum cleaning systems

Ducting and industrial hose

Flexible and metal ducting
Clipped ducting systems
Metal ducting systems
Flexible ducting and connectors
Flexible hoses, industrial hoses
Industrial hoses and connectors

Dust collection and air handling

Air compressors and Fans
Air compressors
Blowers and exhausters
Industrial fans
Dust collection, dust extraction
Cartridge filters
Dust extraction systems
Filter media
Industrial dust collection systems
Dust control equipment/systems
Centralised vacuum cleaning
Dust detectors and monitors
          Industrial dust control systems




Metal detectors and magnetic separators

Metal detectors
Metal detection equipment
Magnetic separators
Magnetic separators

Mixers, blenders, agglomerators and dryers

Industrial blenders
Industrial dryers
Industrial mixers

Noise Reduction

Acoustic doors
Acoustic enclosures
Acoustic louvres
Acoustic panels
Attenuators / silencers
Sound havens

Process instrumentation and control

Level control systems
Level control systems
Level indicators

Process instrumentation and control
Process control systems
Process instrumentation systems
SCADA Systems

Sieves, sifters and classifiers

Air classifiers
Air classifiers
Flat deck sifters
Flat deck sifters
Rotary sifters
Rotary sifters

Weighing and feeding equipment

Batch feeding and weighing systems
Batch feeding systems
Batch weighing systems
Belt feeders
Weigh belt feeders
Volumetric belt feeders
Continuous weighers
Belt weighers
Industrial weighing systems
Industrial weighing systems
Load cells
Load cells
Screw feeders
Gravimetric screw feeders
Loss in weight screw feeders
Volumetric screw feeders
Vibrating Feeders
Vibrating feeders