SHAPA are the UK's leading specialist association for the solids handling and processing industry

All our members are established specialists within their fields, and have the experience and commercial standing to provide quality, cost-effective solutions for all aspects of mechanisation for bulk materials handling and storage, conveyors, dust collection and control, instrumentation, mixers, big bag handling, sampling systems, sieves, valves and weighing systems and equipment.

Into the Second Half

Reinvigorated by the holiday season – albeit with now fading memories of unfettered freedom and relaxation (!) – thoughts turn once more to plans for the rest of the business year. Signs of improvement here and in selected export markets are many, tempered perhaps by the strengthening pound but mitigated by a continuation of the historically low interest rates. The service sector may have been roaring ahead, whilst industry continues nonetheless to “come up on the rails”. Uncertainty still abounds and international political pressures continue to press from many quarters. Nearer to home, on the technical front, industries continue to develop. Powder characteristics such as particle size distributions are evolving for instance in the powder paint and other chemical ingredient sectors, as their products become ever more accurately focused. These organic changes must be mirrored by suppliers of handling and processing equipment.

Indeed, the second half of this financial year will bring many challenges and more than a few surprises. A drip feed of good quality, well researched knowledge, both technical and commercial will be vital to the prosperity of all manufacturers and suppliers. This is particularly so in our industries as the products handled and standards and regulations invoked by their processing are diverse beyond measure. Food processing, pharmaceutical research, development and manufacture, chemical ingredient mixing and blending, through to raw mineral crushing and screening, to mention just a few examples, are all specialist disciplines.

Some idea of this diversity may be appreciated by a scan through the SHAPA Equipment Finder at, where many key manufacturers and suppliers of such equipment, from laboratory sampling to full-on ship loading facilities may be seen. All of these companies, as members of the Solids Handling & Processing Association, have access to a continuous supply of new information as well as their being able to benefit from commercial and marketing insights to consolidate and improve their competitive position.
Many have been long term members – up to 30 years or even more for some, thereby offering a sound and confident service with the advantage of longevity. It is important, of course, that supplier companies are chosen for the “long haul”, with the expertise to fully understand customers’ needs and to develop techniques in tandem with the users of their equipment. Every process requires specialist knowledge and good communication for future profitability. Solids handling manufacturers and suppliers who have yet to join the SHAPA family could do no better than to browse the website to see the established names who benefit from (very economic, low cost) membership.

Consultants, project engineers and users of materials in bulk, with a new project or update in mind should have confidence in contacting SHAPA member companies, in the knowledge that such good resources are available to them, to make the formation of long term partnerships mutually rewarding. Please visit  or email  for greater insight.