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All our members are established specialists within their fields, and have the experience and commercial standing to provide quality, cost-effective solutions for all aspects of mechanisation for bulk materials handling and storage, conveyors, dust collection and control, instrumentation, mixers, big bag handling, sampling systems, sieves, valves and weighing systems and equipment.

VEGA Controls Ltd

Kendal House, Victoria WayVega
Burgess Hill
W. Sussex. RH15 9NF.

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Contacts: Internal Sales department Doug Anderson - Marketing Manager VEGA manufacture a range of level pressure sensors and switches for bulk solids processing, handling and storage (and liquids too). Employing wide ranging (contact and non-contact) technologies combined with their expertise, means that they can provide a solution in even the most arduous and demanding applications.

Radar level sensors are already a proven a success story for bulk solids level. In some industries they have superseded electromechanical and ultrasonic measuring devices. This is due to their proven immunity to in-flight dust, air movement, pressure, temperature,  delivered by good focusing and no loss of echo - even during pneumatic filling - so the areas of application are extended. Although users are increasingly adopting microwave technology, a level sensor which truly covers all applications has still not yet been realised.  With a higher frequency and performance capability of 80GHz, the new VEGAPULS 69 radar designed for bulk solids comes a big step closer to this ideal. This new 80 GHz contactless radar level device is changing bulk level measurement forever. Its much higher operating frequency enables  a much tighter focusing of the transmission signal, so it easily avoids all interference from internal structures or build up inside vessels. Also using latest generation microwave components, even the tiniest of reflection signals can be measured and it can ignore even the heaviest of build up. This means previously difficult to measure products with very poor reflective properties, such as high purity plastics, fine ash, cement powders or wood chips, can now be measured with confidence both during filling and emptying, with long term reliability. This ability makes even the ‘everyday’ applications really simple to measure, as it has so much performance in reserve.  

VEGAPULS 69 also offers versatility over a wider application range. It has a measuring range capability to work over one or two metres... right up to 120 m, a speed of response of less than 1 sec and an accuracy of ±5 mm, offering solutions for the more ‘unusual’ assignments, such as fast response positioning for conveyor car systems and stockpile cranes.   Bluetooth Technology To add to this, VEGA engineers came up with something special. They have developed a Bluetooth communication system for all ‘plics’ transmitters in the VEGA product range, along with a free App to wirelessly communicate and set up the device with Bluetooth from smartphone, tablet or PC.  This makes it ideal for the more remote, inhospitable, high level or inaccessible areas of the plant. The Bluetooth set up and communication option is backward compatible for every VEGA plics transmitter made since 2002. Inspired by the spirit level Apps on smartphones, there is even an App tool to make sensor aiming or alignment in the silo easy.   The main benefits all these new technologies provide is the cost savings and reliability right from the start. Quick delivery, simple installation, small transducers for easy handling, easy wiring, intuitive and simple to set up, even from your smart phone if preferred. Aim the sensor with the most highly directional of signals, (use the free App if it’s easier for you)  to measure from top to bottom, with smooth analogue measurement, not a series of jumps, while being immune to filling dust and antenna deposits.

VEGAPULS 69 is delivering a higher level of confidence from plant engineers and managers to process operators about their sensor performance, stock availability, process control and improves efficiency.   Solutions for bulk solids, liquids and gases, including:

• Level and Contents measurement
• Inventory Control – local and remote
• High and Low point level detection with SIL conformance
• Interface measurement and switching
• Pressure measurement • Remote inventory systems and web based software
• Density, mass flow measurement and switching  

Instrument technologies manufactured by VEGA :

• Radar level Transmitters
• Guided Wave Radar (TDR)
• Pressure and DP Transmitters
• Nucleonic gauging for non contact level, density and weighing
• Admittance/Capacitance
• Vibrating point level switches for solids and liquids
• Microwave barrier level switches
• Conductivity point level switches
• Wireless communication systems      

Approval portfolio includes ATEX dust and gas, mining, safety and environmental to SIL 2/3.   VEGA provide peace of mind to users with direct, expert advice on level and pressure solutions followed by great after sales service. All VEGA products have a 3 year warranty; combining quality, product design and years of experience.

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Merry Christmas

Christmas SHAPA

2019 Solids Handling Industry Awards are now open for nominations

Solids Handling Awards 2019

The Solids Handling & Processing Association (SHAPA) are delighted to announce that the annual Solids Handling Awards to promote success and achievement across our collective industries, that are open to all companies registered in UK, whether SHAPA members or not, who are directly involved in the solids handling and processing industry...

2019 Solids Handling Industry Awards open on the 1st December 2018

The 2019 Solids handling Industry awards are oepn form the 1st December 2018, the Catagories are Innovation, Export, Newcomer and Company of the Year. This year the Awards Ceremony will be held at the Royal Armories in leeds on the 8th May 2019. Don't miss out on these prestigious awards download the application form today.Tthe closing date for entries is the 28th Feburary 2019. 


As this year’s exhibition season is now ending it is very heartening to see that despite competition from other media, internet and so on, the physical exhibition remains an important marketing tool. Three of the exhibitions held this autumn, Recycled Waste Management (RWM), PPMA and BULKEX18 for Bulk Handling equipment providers and processors demonstrated the wide reach of our remit, from raw material production, via processing and manufacture, packaging and distribution through to final recycling and waste disposal...

Digital Marketing Workshop 2019

The date for the next Digital Marketing workshop has been announced as the 26th March 2019 at the East Midlands Hilton Hotel more details to follow.

Shapa General Meeting 24th October George Hotel Lichfield

Introduction to Bulk Handling Workshop

Shapa is running a new Introduction to Bulk Handling Workshop to be held at Nestle in york on the 4th December 2018. This workshop is specifically designed to take some of the mystique out of solids and bulk handling...The course which
is aimed at those who have just joined the bulk handling community and those who already work in the bulk handling industry in sales, marketing, accounts and operations etc. who feel that they need a deeper understanding of how
their products and services fit into the wider environment....

Better by Design

It is well known that an elegant design that works reliably is devoid of baulking obstructions and ambiguities and is simple to understand and operate. It is, of necessity, the result of ingenuity, experience, good applied science and engineering....

Safe to Breathe

For more than a century there have been efforts to improve air quality in the working environment, both in enclosed factories and other industrial areas. Even with scant knowledge of respiratory diseases it had been clear that people were more productive in a cleaner and better environment....


SHAPA announces the award catagories for 2019

The catagories for the 2019 Solids Handling Industry Awards have been Finalised, these are, Innovation, Export, Newcomer and Company of the Year. The presentation of the awards will be on the 30th April 2019. A venue will be announced shortly 


Hoppers, Silos and Storage Solutions

It used to be that all you needed to store your materials was a large area where your product could be piled high on top of its self out in the open air. As time has moved forward the need for more sophisticated storage solutions are required in order to safely store the ever-increasing range of bulk solid materials with their differing properties .....

SHAPA July General Meeting

The next SHAPA General meeting is on the 4th July at the George Hotel Lichfield download the agenda here


And the Winners of the 2018 Solids Handling Awards are:

Shapa's Arkwright Student posts her latest Blog

What an incredible experience competing at the National Finals of the F1 in Schools competition. Throughout 2 days of intense competition and jam packed action, Ginetta Racing Edu earnt the ‘Team Sponsorship and Marketing’ award, as well as being nominated for the ‘Pit Display’ and ‘Innovation’ awards, and having the second fastest car! Read the full article here

Promoting Success

Since time immemorial progress has been driven by innovation and invention and the desire to continually improve and better ones self. The desire to learn, improve and push at boundaries is an integral part of our nature. Whilst innovation in solids handling and processing seldom hits the headlines, it nonetheless drives the machinery of progress across an enormous range of industries.....


Shapa Announces the 2018 Solids Handling Shortlisted finalists

2018 has been an excellent year for the Solids Handling industry with many successes in all areas of Solids Handling, these successes have produced a strong shortlist for each of the award categories. this year the sortlisted entrys are ....

10th Anniversary Digital Marketing Workshop

Details of the 10th annual digital marketing workshop have been released, download the flyer for the event here and a booking form to make sure you do not miss out on this vital workshop which will give you the tools to improve your digital marketing profile

Health of the Nation

The need for solid health and safety systems procedures and practices is more important than ever as we move out of the European and customs union into World Trade Organisation rules for the global market read more here....

Only three weeks left to enter the 2018 Solids Handling industry awards - dont miss out

Learning to succeed

Many companies are founded on the back of an innovative idea by forward thinking people skilled in design, engineering, project management, marketing or other discipline. Whilst still small, the skills required to operate all aspects may possibly be gained by the founder. In former, less complicated times this may have been true as the firm expanded, but the pace of change of technology, standards and legislation as well as in marketing and particularly in financial accounting necessitates constant learning and improvement. The huge range of applications and processes served by our industry just adds to this challenge.....

Shapa's Arkwright Student posts her second Blog

Reaching the end of a very busy Christmas term, we have lots to look back on, such as assisting backstage with the school play and Christmas concert, as well as designing and manufacturing the F1 in Schools Car....

SHAPA January Meeting

The next General meeting will be held on the 24th January at the George Hotel in Lichfield starting at 10:00
Find out about OEE and GDPR, along with all the usual networking oppertunities.
for more details email Ian at and download the agenda

Applications are invited for the 2018 Solids Handling Industry awards

Shapa has launched the 2018 Solids Handling Industry awards, these awards are now open to all UK registered member and non member companies and institutions operating in the Solids Handling and Processing Industry. Application forms will be  available direct from the website from 01/12/2017 and winners will be announced and presented at the awards ceremony in the evening of 17th April 2018 more information is available in the link

2018 Solids Handling Industry Awards

Details of the award catagories and award launch date have been announced, for further information follow the link

Solids Dortmund 2018

Details have been released regarding the international Solids Handling show to be held in Dortmund on the 7th and 8th November 2018, for more information please follow the  link

CHoPS 2018

**Abstracts deadline extended to 22-12-17 ** for more information follow the link

Financial Awarness Training

This course has been especially designed for Shapa members and will include content specifically related to our industry

Who should attend ?
Anyone involved in driving their business forward e.g Managing Directors, Directors/Managers & Account Managers etc , whatever their level of financial knowledge. The workshop is designed to enable everyone to take away practical tips and strategic insight suitable to their skills and experience, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. So join us for and inspiring and enjoyable day out.

Download the detailed information and a booking form,today

If you can return these back to  as soon as possible so I can make the necessary arrangements and  if you feel that this course would help with someone in your close supply chain please feel free to include them.