Industrial Valves and Sampler Suppliers

The vast range of valve types available reflects the challenges of controlling and directing the flow of dry bulk solids.Slide valves are perhaps the most widely recognised, but butterfly, disc, dome, diverter, iris and rotary valves are commonplace too. Each type offersparticular benefits or is designed for a specific application.

Samplers automaticallytakea small quantity of material from an intake flow or mid-process flow, typically for quality control purposes. Samples can also be drawn from positive or negative pressurepneumatic conveying systems. The sample is discharged to a collection point. It can then be analysed as required.


Rotary valves and explosion chokes


Blowing seals


Rotary seals

On/off and flow control valves

Butterfly valves


Cross cut samplers

Disc valves

Gravity samplers

Dome valves

Pneumatic line sampling

Iris valves

Sampling valves

Membrane valves

Sampling systems

Pinch valves


Slide valves


Flap and plug diverter valves


Flap diverter valves


Gravity diverter valves


Plug diverter valves


Weigh scale diverter valve


It is a fact that virtually all types of valve, whether for solids or liquids, trap material when they close. Furthermore, no valve will close through a static column of bulk material unless it is of a light bulk density or highly fluidised – such as when it is flowing. It is these two facts, plus the method of actuation, wear, pressure and temperature considerations that have given rise to the diverse array of valve types available. Some imaginative solutions have been developed. One of the earliest is the Iris Diaphragm valve. This will close around large lumps and still prevent the flow of smaller particles. Other valves have the ability to shear through certain materials to ensure a full shut off. Some lap their seats every time they close - thus maintaining the integrity of the seal. Others have inflatable soft seals to shut off the flow of materials with a wide particle distribution. Rotary valves are key components in many bulk handling systemsor pneumatic conveying systems. They meter material at a required rate. In addition, because the rotor impedes any direct passage, they allow air pressure to be maintained and also provide explosion isolationin the event of ignition within the system. Not all valves just control the flow by gravity of materials from storage vessels or through mechanical conveying systens, many are used to direct the flow through pneumatic conveying systems. Others are used in dense phase pneumatic conveying systemsto release pressurised materials from the blow pots that provide the motive power.The actuation of valves can range from manual, pneumatic, electric to hydraulic. Samplers all consist of a retractable collection device that is automatically inserted into the material flow for a given time at a given frequency. The design and size of the collection device will reflect the particle size of the material and the quantity required for analysis.

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A Moving Story

Since the dawn of civilisation materials have been conveyed, by men and women toting sacks on yokes, by pack animals, carts and more recently using mechanical conveyances.

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It is well established that the SHAPA membership comprises many choice companies in bulk materials handling and processing, their combined experience amounting to centuries.



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