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Georgina's Blog


1.137 seconds - the time our F1 in Schools car took to complete the 20m track at Regionals. read more here....


Reaching the end of a very busy Christmas term, we have lots to look back on, such as assisting backstage with the school play and Christmas concert, as well as designing and manufacturing the F1 in Schools Car.

At the beginning of the term, during my Design & Technology lessons, we started to design and build our own drone from scratch. This meant we had to plan the placement of the ESC’s, motor, battery, transmitter and the main control board in order to make the drone successful in flying. After many failed attempts due to numerous motor problems, resulting in many recalibration attempts, I’m proud to let you know that we got it flying about 10m in the air!!

Another interesting event of the Christmas term, was going to watch A-level Physics live in Manchester, where we listened to experts in physics talk about their current projects. This year’s lectures included highlights about Quantum Mechanics from Professor Jim Al-Khalili and Professor Trevor Cox talking about Acoustic Engineering, and the design process behind creating a room with good acoustic properties. However, my favourite lecture of the day was from Dr Michael Brooks, who gave a thought-provoking speech about time-travel and trying to define the word ‘time.’ - I’m still puzzled over how I might define ‘time’.

The final few weeks of the Christmas term were very busy for me, as I was helping with the school play ‘As you like it’. Being part of the backstage crew, I assisted the technical director in setting up the fixed lights on the trusses, rewiring many plugs and lights, and set up lots of complex electrical wiring, with help from some of her professional team. The highlight though, was climbing to the top of the Memorial Hall - 3 flights of ladders up! In order to retrieve some gels for the lights. During the performances, I was the Stage Electrician, so I was given the responsibility of setting up all the radio mics, and ensuring they worked, and controlling the smoke machine. Other than this, I had to reset a fuse of one of

the major lights and assemble part of a heavy wooden tree for the set, all during the performance.

A week later, for the Christmas Concerts, I was put on the following spotlight, which meant I had to set up the wiring for my own comms system, and improvise to light up the soloists and instrumentalists during pieces, as well as creating a figure of 8 for the drum roll of the raffle - and I had no prompts!

Outside of engineering, I passed my level 1 in tennis coaching, and competed for the school in an ESU MACE debating competition, where i spoke as part of the swing team, practising both my debating and public speaking skills, which i was complimented on. I received very useful feedback from this which I hope to put in place for more competitive debating competitions in the future.

The next blog will be an update of the F1 in Schools competition, and comes assisted with some videos!!



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10th Anniversary Digital Marketing Workshop

Details of the 10th annual digital marketing workshop have been released, download the flyer for the event here and a booking form to make sure you do not miss out on this vital workshop which will give you the tools to improve your digital marketing profile

Health of the Nation

The need for solid health and safety systems procedures and practices is more important than ever as we move out of the European and customs union into World Trade Organisation rules for the global market read more here....

Only three weeks left to enter the 2018 Solids Handling industry awards - dont miss out

Learning to succeed

Many companies are founded on the back of an innovative idea by forward thinking people skilled in design, engineering, project management, marketing or other discipline. Whilst still small, the skills required to operate all aspects may possibly be gained by the founder. In former, less complicated times this may have been true as the firm expanded, but the pace of change of technology, standards and legislation as well as in marketing and particularly in financial accounting necessitates constant learning and improvement. The huge range of applications and processes served by our industry just adds to this challenge.....

Shapa's Arkwright Student posts her second Blog

Reaching the end of a very busy Christmas term, we have lots to look back on, such as assisting backstage with the school play and Christmas concert, as well as designing and manufacturing the F1 in Schools Car....

SHAPA January Meeting

The next General meeting will be held on the 24th January at the George Hotel in Lichfield starting at 10:00
Find out about OEE and GDPR, along with all the usual networking oppertunities.
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Applications are invited for the 2018 Solids Handling Industry awards

Shapa has launched the 2018 Solids Handling Industry awards, these awards are now open to all UK registered member and non member companies and institutions operating in the Solids Handling and Processing Industry. Application forms will be  available direct from the website from 01/12/2017 and winners will be announced and presented at the awards ceremony in the evening of 17th April 2018 more information is available in the link

2018 Solids Handling Industry Awards

Details of the award catagories and award launch date have been announced, for further information follow the link

Solids Dortmund 2018

Details have been released regarding the international Solids Handling show to be held in Dortmund on the 7th and 8th November 2018, for more information please follow the  link

CHoPS 2018

**Abstracts deadline extended to 22-12-17 ** for more information follow the link

Financial Awarness Training

This course has been especially designed for Shapa members and will include content specifically related to our industry

Who should attend ?
Anyone involved in driving their business forward e.g Managing Directors, Directors/Managers & Account Managers etc , whatever their level of financial knowledge. The workshop is designed to enable everyone to take away practical tips and strategic insight suitable to their skills and experience, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. So join us for and inspiring and enjoyable day out.

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