Georgina's Blog


Reaching the end of a very busy Christmas term, we have lots to look back on, such as assisting backstage with the school play and Christmas concert, as well as designing and manufacturing the F1 in Schools Car.

 At the beginning of the term, during my Design & Technology lessons, we started to design and build our own drone from scratch. This meant we had to plan the placement of the ESC’s, motor, battery, transmitter and the main control board in order to make the drone successful in flying. After many failed attempts due to numerous motor problems, resulting in many recalibration attempts, I’m proud to let you know that we got it flying about 10m in the air!! 

 Another interesting event of the Christmas term, was going to watch A-level Physics live in Manchester, where we listened to experts in physics talk about their current projects. This year’s lectures included highlights about Quantum Mechanics from Professor Jim Al-Khalili and Professor Trevor Cox talking about Acoustic Engineering, and the design process behind creating a room with good acoustic properties. However, my favourite lecture of the day was from Dr Michael Brooks, who gave a thought-provoking speech about time-travel and trying to define the word ‘time.’ - I’m still puzzled over how I might define ‘time’.

 The final few weeks of the Christmas term were very busy for me, as I was helping with the school play ‘As you like it’. Being part of the backstage crew, I assisted the technical director in setting up the fixed lights on the trusses, rewiring many plugs and lights, and set up lots of complex electrical wiring, with help from some of her professional team. The highlight though, was climbing to the top of the Memorial Hall - 3 flights of ladders up! In order to retrieve some gels for the lights. During the performances, I was the Stage Electrician, so I was given the responsibility of setting up all the radio mics, and ensuring they worked, and controlling the smoke machine. Other than this, I had to reset a fuse of one of