About the Association

SHAPA has been the UK's leading specialist Association for the solids handling and processing industry since its formation in 1981. Our support and assistance has allowed our members to maximise their profitability, whilst taking advantage of the many benefits afforded by the Association.

Eleanor Spensley / Marketing Manager

Spiroflow – Established for nearly 40 years, Spiroflow is a leading manufacturer in the specialised field of bulk solids handling. Our product range includes equipment and systems for conveying, weighing, blending and discharging raw materials in the form of dry solids (i.e. powders, granules, pellets, flakes etc.). We serve many process industries including food, chemical, mineral, recycling, water treatment and paint and enjoy working with an array of UK household names and global companies. I handle all aspects of the marketing from the website, content creation, social media and branding and liaise with our sister companies in the USA to promote a global marketing message for Spiroflow.

How many years have you worked in the engineering industry?

1.5 years in my current role but I have had over 4 years’ experience in the marketing industry.

What do you love about the engineering industry?

My favourite thing about working in the engineering sector is that you get to see all the products you use in everyday life that have been touched by machinery being built on the shop floor. Anything from chocolate bars to cleaning products. I get a sense of pride walking round the supermarket and seeing all the brands we work with.

Advice for a young woman looking at getting into any aspect of the engineering industry

You will find female mentors and role models that will support you throughout your career. I work with many talented and strong women across all departments in our company and the variety of knowledge and experience they all have is extremely inspiring.

Why you think women are important to all aspects of this industry?

Women have always been important in engineering, but it has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with their talents! From the early pioneers to the women of today, female engineers are involved in things that touch so many aspects of our lives. Women need to have an input in engineering to help shape the world around us, to promote a better future and inspire the next generation of talent.

Best Regards - Eleanor Spensley / Marketing Manager